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List of Webinar Organized in 2021

Title: - Various mechanistic approaches adopted worldwide for the detection and treatment of COVID-19 outbreak.

Speaker: - Dr. R Vadivelan, Professor, JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty.

Date: - 18th July 2020

Title: - Conventional drug designing vs in silico drug designing for the discovery of COVID-19 medication.

Speaker: - Mr. Ashish Shah, Asst. Prof.,Sumandeep Vidhyapeeth, Gujarat.

Date: - 25th July 2020

Title: - Immunobooster formulations for Covid-19.

Speaker: - Dr. K.L.K. Paranjothy, Principal Scientist, Bengaluru Allergy Centre.

Date: - 30th July 2020

Title: - Regulatory Affairs during Pandemic Era.

Speaker: - Dr. Harrison Michael Zaphery, Founder & MD, Redemptrix technologies & Solutions, Bangalore.

Date: - 08th August 2020

Title: - Role of Phytopharmaceuticals in COVID-19.

Speaker: - Dr. H N Shivprasad, Director, Prakriti Products Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

Date: - 12th August 2020

Title: - COVID-19 & Impact on Academic Research.

Speaker: - Dr. Maneesh Paul, Director – R&D, Acharya Group of institutions, Bangalore.

Date: - 13th August 2020

Title: - Nose to Brain Delivery of Drugs-Myths and Facts.

Speaker: - Dr. S. Narasimha Murthy, Professor, University of Mississipi, USA.

Date: - 12th September 2020

Title: - Pharmacist directed medication management services.

Speaker: - Mrs. Geeta Pradeep, Ex – Professor, University of New England, Australia.

Date: - 15th September 2020

Title: - Transforming local health during a pandemic.

Speaker: - Prof. Sunita C Srinivas, visiting faculty, Rhodes University, South Africa.

Date: - 16th September 2020

Community awareness program on "Black fungus" was conducted as a part of the silver jubilee celebrations of RGUHS today by Pharm.D students of Al Ameen College of Pharmacy.