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Chairman's Message

Mr. Umar Ismail Khan

Chairman, Al-Ameen Movement

Al-Ameen Movement took its birth in 1966 with inception of Al-Ameen Educational Society in the midst of illiterate masses of the society of Bangalore especially among the members of the Muslim Community. At this time India was struggling with all financial restrains to implement Literacy Programmes. Al-Ameen Movement initiated the process of education children of have-nots and specifically the children of poverty ridden sections of the society and those who failed to get seats in reputed institutions because of non-affordability of finances to educate their children. Along with this educational spearhead, the Al-Ameen Movement entered the sphere of health and banking services. As on today Al-Ameen has mushroomed into numerous branches and institutions with thousands of students on roll in and outside the State of Karnataka covering general and professional courses. As on today it is my pleasure to inform the members of the public that any child who joins any institution of Al-Ameen at the primary school stage can dream of coming out with general Graduation, Post Graduation and Professional Degree courses for a better placement in the branded employment Agencies, Corporate & Public sectors. Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy is a feather in the cap of Al-Ameen Movement. It is one of the top institutions in the country. I congratulate my colleagues, the staff and the students for all their efforts in bringing the institution to this level.