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The ‘National Innovation and Start-up Policy’ (NISP) 2019 for students and faculty in HEIs was launched on 11th September 2019 at AICTE, New Delhi.

The NISP of Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru is started in Sept-2022 purely with an intention of actively engaging students & faculty in new product design, innovation, establishment of product prototype, Research and entrepreneurship related activities.

This policy intends to guide HEIs for promoting students’ driven innovations & start-ups and to engage the students and faculty in innovation and start up activities in campus. The policy aims at enabling HEIs to build, streamline and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in campus and will be instrumental in leveraging the potential of student’s creative problem solving and entrepreneurial mind-set and promoting a strong intra and inter-institutional partnerships with ecosystem enablers and different stakeholders at regional, national & international level. The policy is being implemented by MoE’s Innovation Cell and in coordination AICTE, UGC, state/ UT governments and universities. Implementation of policy has been undertaken for quick adoption by HEIs.

Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy has adopted the NISP policy launched by Government of India and started an incubation centre ,Al-Ameen Excellence Centre for Innovation & StartUp (AXCIS). The aim of AXCIS at Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy is to promote the spirit of out of box thinking and entrepreneurship among students by facilitating them with training, collaboration and communication.

Link for National Innovation and StartUp Policy 2019 for Students & Faculty:

Karnataka Startup Policy 2015-2020:

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