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This is an institute, which offers the best of pharmacy training as well as better placements. Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy has quality education and the faculty members are just good.

Dhruba Pant
s/o shree keshab raj pant
multi metal industries estate


Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy occupies a very special niche in the field of education in the Indian sub-continent. For the good conduction of praticals the labs should be well equipped along with better service, Al-Ameen wins this score.

Willa Hamisi
c/o Mr. Hamisi. Matika
The Embassy of United republic of tanzania
9, Abdulhahim Loutfy
Cairo A.R.E.


Coming from the U.S. it was very important that I choose a college that would meet the qualification for Pharmacy practice back home. In my search for such a Pharmacy college in India, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy came highly recommended. Now that I am in final B.Pharm, I feel Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy has given me the education I need to become a prominent member of the Pharmacy profession.

Franklin Mattu, USA
Alumni, AACP

Fully equipped labs, great lecturers...... think Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy is the greatest thing that could have ever happened to Pharmacy profession.

Nazila A.R.Ganatra
Alumni, AACP

Wonderful College and quality education. I love every minute of time spent here.
Santanu Kumar Dutta
Alumni, AACP

Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy with its serene ambiance is a student's delight. Coupled with a dedicated faculty and well equipped library and laboratories, the need to look anywhere else is not known. What one needs is just dedication and will to do something.

Safiq Mohamed Iqbal
Alumni, AACP

Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy is the best college, which provides an excellent study environment, lab facilities, good faculty members and staff, fine library and also extra curricular activities. It helps in building a good career in the field of Pharmacy and brightens our future.

Mohammed M. Jivanjee
Alumni, AACP

The college has some well-experienced learned and skilled academic professors and lecturers who take personal and individual care of each student in such a way that they can lead a commendable and respectable life in future.


Md.Jahidul Islam Hazarika
S/O. Md Zehirul Islam Hazarika
Hatigaon, Lakshmi nagar
Dispur, Assam.

Goals are met when we coordinate our efforts with our objectives. So like a tree, each of us must find a place to grow and branch out. I find Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy is the right place. What about you?
H.N Shivaprasad
Alumni, AACP


Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy according to me is a place of worship where god is education & religion is sincerity.
Rajesh Kumar Singh
Alumni, AACP

I feel Al-Ameen College of pharmacy is the pride of Bangalore, as it is the number one college in Pharmacy and has the best of facilities given by the college for the benefit of the students.

M.P. Babu
Alumni, AACP

Alphabetical Character Combination of our College :
                A - AIM
                L - LITERATURE
                A - AFFECTION
                M - MANNER
                E - EFFECTIVE
                E - EQUALITY
                N - NOBLE
I owe my first year in M Pharm success entirely to the guidance & instructions I recieved from the venerable teaching staff of Marketing Department.
Mr. INDU Shankar
Alumni and staff at AACP
Pharma Marketing & Management


To me Al-Ameen is a gateway to success, serenity of the campus itself is a source of inspiration and motivation for the students. Latest information, knowledge and moral support given by Principal and Staff makes a student succeed in every walk of life in this competitive world Exposure to Advanced and sophisticated Instruments is bound to enhance the capability of a student.
Days in Al-Ameen makes me proud to say that I am a member of Al-Ameen family.

Vanaja. K.
Ph.D Student, AACP