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Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharm)

About the course:

The course of study of B.Pharma I, II, III and Final year will include the respective theory and practical subjects as given in the tables below. The number of hours to be devoted to each theory, tutorial and practical sublects in an academic year will not be less than that noted below.



  1. Candidates who have passed two years Pre-University Course (PUC) examination of Karnataka PUC Board or an equivalent examination of any other approved Board or university with not less than 40% marks in any combination comprising PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) or PCMB or PC with Computer Science/Electronics/Information Science/Biotechnology.
  2. : In respect of candidates who have taken PCMB combination the aggregate of PCM or PCB. whichever is higher shall be considered for admission.
  3. In case of students belonging to SC/ST or category-I, the minimum percentage of marks for admission to B. Pharm. course shall be not less than 35% in PUC or an equivalent examination of any other approved Board or university in any combination comprising PCM or PCB or PCMB or PC with Computer Science/Electronics/Information Science/Biotechnology.
  4. Candidates who have passed D. Pharm. course approved by Pharmacy Council of India shall also be eligible to this course and shall be admitted directly to 2nd B. Pharm course 10% over and above the sanctioned intake and shall have to study Mathematics, Computer Sciences, and Statistics of 1st B. Pharm in addition to the 2nd B. Pharm subjects.
  5. Candidates who have qualified examination listed by Association of Indian Universities (AIU).


Course Structure:

The course of study for B. Pharm. shall extend over a period of 4 academic years and 3 academic years for those admitted to 2nd B. Pharm. directly.

The various subjects and curriculum activities which will be covered over the course duration of 4 years is mentioned below:


1st Year

  1. Human Anatomy and Physiology (Theory and Practical)
  2. Pharmaceutics (Theory and Practical)
  3. Pharmacognosy (Theory and Practical)
  4. Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – I (Theory and Practical)
  5. Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry (Theory and Practical)
  6. Mathematics/Biology* (Theory and Practical [only Biology])
  7. Computer Science and Statistics**
  8. Kannada**
  9. Indian Constitution**


* For candidates who have studied PCMB in 10+2 course are exempted.

** College examinations.


2nd Year

  1. Physical Pharmaceutics (Theory and Practical)
  2. Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology (Theory and Practical)
  3. Pathophysiology (Theory)
  4. Applied Biochemistry (Theory and Practical)
  5. Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – II (Theory and Practical)
  6. Environmental Science (Theory)


3rd Year

  1. Medicinal Chemistry – I (Theory and Practical)
  2. Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence (Theory)
  3. Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry (Theory and Practical)
  4. Pharmaceutical Engineering (Theory and Practical`)
  5. Pharmacology (Theory and Practical)
  6. Pharmaceutical Marketing (Theory)


4th Year

  1. Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics (Theory and Practical)
  2. Instrumental and Biomedical Analysis (Theory and Practical)
  3. Pharmacology and Toxicology (Theory and Practical)
  4. Medicinal Chemistry – II (Theory and Practical)
  5. Industrial Pharmacognosy (Theory and Practical)

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