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Alumni Association Of Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy

Alumni Association of Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy was revived on August 17th, 2001 with a team of seven who were the students of this institution and are currently employed as teaching faculty.
Their names are as follows:

1. Mr. Srinivas Murthy
2. Dr. Raman Dang
3. Mr. Mahesh Attimarad
4. Mr. Ghulam Moinuddin
5. Mrs. Aisha Khanum
6. Mrs. Supriya
7. Mr. Venugopala K.N.

Our Alumni Association was appreciated by the team of National board of Accreditation, New Delhi during the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) accreditation inspection November 2001.

The president - Dr. Satyan K.S, Vice-Presidents–Mr. Sharat V. Sutrave, Secretary-Mr. Ghulam Moinuddin, Joint Secretary-Mr. Mahesh Attimarad, and Treasurer-Mrs. Aisha Khanum were appointed by nomination by the Principal, Vice-Principal and professors of Al-Ameen College Of Pharmacy.

The first annual alumni meet was conducted on February 15, 2003 at the Al-Ameen Educational Campus. The alumni meet started at 5:00 P.M. at the New Seminar Hall, Prof. M.A. Attaulla, Director, al-ameen educational society gave a welcome speech for the alumni who had gathered from various Pharmaceutical Industries, R & D, and academic institutions.

Alumni Association of Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy conducts regular annual meets for all the alumni. Our alumni are doing very well across the globe and hold our institution in high esteem. A good platform of alumni is taking our institution ahead.

AACP was appreciated by the team of NBA, New Delhi during accreditation inspection Nov 2001.


About Us

Established under the aegis of the Al-Ameen Educational Society in 1983, the College has been a nurturing ground for pharmaceutical professionals. Has been accredited for 5 years by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), AICTE.

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